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Its been so long since i blogged! i knew id be rubbish at it! oh well, better late then never eh?

i did some light shopping in town today, just popped to the bank and boots.
There was a few things i wanted to check out in the no7 range. Though i usually detest it, dunno why just…find it old?

Heres my receipt ;)

Id heard so much about the No7 new mascara so HAD to try it out,
oooo and free product when you brought it :)
4 baked eyeshadow palate…
i dropped one of them >_> put it back and picked up a new one thinking this one will be less..erm..broken.
i was wrong. ha! oh well!
Curved wand :) cant wait to try it!
the palette looks interesting too. The shadows are a bit crumbley… :/

bourjois eyeshadow in 08
beautiful nude shimmery shade, needed this
for when i do a a winged out look
chuck this on the lid bit of  warm brown in the crease
and winged out liner. yum!

left:dry one swipe
right: wet one swipe (just a bit more of a shimmery finish).

Now i needed bases for some spring summery looks i neeeeeed to do for when
the sun decides to come out.
And WOW what a find :}
 CLEARANCE £2 each.

beautiful colours.
MERMAID: goregeous greeny blue SO pigmented.
SO FRESH: a peachy nude gold. its how i think MAC paint pot in ruben…esque? is i think?
GALAXY: loveeely pearly purple :}

could of swatched them bettter. but eh. get what ya given ;]
there so pigmented. and once theve dried, they dont rub off at all!

Now this polish is interesting. I found a few months ago the most awesome nude polish from
that new range from accesorize, and this one i spotted today from …17 obviously. for £2 something.
i swear its exactly the same!
..good job cos i was running out of the other ;)

Like my make up bag? :D was a ghd hair straightner hold :)

random O_O my hair was MASSIVE today.

Hope you enjoyed my first Makeup related post :]
i like feeling inspired.

cherrio cherrio baby!


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