HOW TO: Cut in a sweeping fringe!

Aup loves!

After seeing a few tweets today saying along the lines of…
OmgGgGggG!?!???DFJFKH## ‘hairdressers cut my fringe WRONG’
I decided i couldnt stand seeing someone go home, tweet and not be able to fix it
on your own like i could.
Obviously Im a hairdresser, so to me..a dodgy fringe isnt a deliema.
I just get me scissors out and CHOP away xD
Must be really frustrating not being able to make it better.

Soo! imma show you.
i got the block head out at work. Had a quiet hour.
obviously if your were cutting it yourself itd be a little different from these pictures.
But think about the angle im cutting in. Youll get the hang of it.

Helpful tip: On your own hair. work with clean straighted hair done in the direction
your want it to sweep on! basically..
might be annoying till you cut it.. but youll get over it ;]

Firstly. Heres the block head.
its my coworkers, shes training and cut this block into a bob :}

 ooooo fancy ;]

Secondly, work in clean sections. determine how thick your want your new fringe. START THIN. Can always add more.

TIP: most fringes go from the points of the eyebrows and curve down into feathering.

This is the DIRECTION we want the sweep to go. determine yours now.
Have calflicks? have the sweep go opposite. the hair will weigh it down.

Now, pull the hair keeping it flat all the while in the opposite direction.
See all the long ends? angle your fingers like so….

And SNIP away. After your fingers. Never before. Your pointing finger is your guide of where to cut!

From a hairdressers (or if your the friend helping haha) angle. This is what i can see.
Keep the hair Taut! at all times!

Right After your finished snipping. however short you want it!
brush it forward. this is how it should look!

nice clean lines!
  MUST feather into the side a bit. be cautious!

AND thats it! easy! Ive done it quite long on this block head. If your own one of this youll know how insanely unruly they are!
You could have the shortest point above the eyebrow and feather in down, for that proper
Sweepy side fringe :]

hope this helped someone!

Thanks for reading!
cherrio cherrio baby! :}

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