Planning Big Hair Change. Help me decide?

Aup Loves!
I think its FINALLY time i changed my hair.
Im bored with it now.
I seem to have dyed it less since i went for the CHOP at christmas.
I miss having vibrant hair!

Its currently as follows…..(in dire need of rootage fixage and styling…)

dingy right? im ashamed! Definately not hairdresser hair thats for sure.
I used to have Long long long hair.
But alas id destroyed it by over dying :c

i miss my long hair.

 I do have unused red extensions to use…mmmm red!
 so…i should go red again red? its only fair ;]

This pic is…extensions playfully clipped on the front on my fringe. looked a wally out of frame. trust me.

Christmas 2010 id finally had enough of the tangling yucky mess called my hair.
So my boss chopped it. I loved the style. So strange at first though.

Back to shiny hair :]

Bob Started off red!

then brown!

then light browny/copper.
And Obviously the colour i am now. Which..i oddly dont have any updated pictures of.
but its the lightest ive been….and dryest. pfft.

This colour was my inspriation. And made me wanna go shorter. :}
The pic is from my fave hair mag.
Hairdressers Journal.
Loads of inspring hair styles and hair art. Loveadore it!
So to go from Pissy caramel blonde, to brightbright red again,
Im gonna use a different method.

Usually i would bleach my hair to hell
and apply a stain. Like Manic panic or Special effects.

But Affinage has a red range i want to try.

Its not supposed to be used on the scalp. But i dont care. :]
Ive used much worse thing to be honest. haha.
I brought B-red red violet and Magenta.
Im gonna mix it equal parts with 3% pastel developer.
I dont want much lift. Mostly depostited colour.

Im gonna have to Prepigment my Bleach blonde hair

to make the red develop evenly.

So next week, ill get my coworker Lauren to
apply just 7/0 and 6/0
of wella colourtouch just to even it all out.
Leave it a week or two, then go for the red.
Im unsure wether to go red before or after my holiday…
we shall see.

Im gonna do a couple of.Hair dying blogs when it happens.

thanks for reading!
Cheerio cheerio baby!

((do you ever wonder what ‘cheeriocheeriobaby) is from?….
me and my mum are good fans of Ub40. ill give you a bajillion million if you know which song! haha!))

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