Hair do’s n don’t’s & tips!

I get questions daily about hair do’s and dont’s.
Wether it be about the condition of hair, prolonging colour/perms, how to grow your hair faster, protecting it againt heat/sun damage/breakage, the list is endless seriously.

Heres my tips and tricks to healthy (behaved) hair!
-DO NOT keep straightening already straightened hair. Think of it like this. The hairs natural moisture is steamed out the first time you use a heated appliance, the second time your just burning your hair shaft, which then will become brittle and prone to breakage. Hairs not growing? This is why. Its snapping before it has chance to grow. Imagine a crisp white shirt that your ironing. You keep going over it with the schoring iron, the shirts gonna burn. Hair is a million times more fragile. Limit your straightening for once or twice a week. Leave your hair natural a few times, even if it means tying it up because its unruly. Go with it. Youll be surprised how the texture of the hair will be improved. Remember to always use a heat protectant, again its a barrier between the straightners and your hair, the steam with be the product rather than your hairs moisture being evapourated

- Be careful when brushing your hair! if your can hear your hair being brushed…your brushing TOO hard! always hold the midlengths and brush ends first working upwards brushing down. Imagine all the tangles being caught if you started at the roots. The noise you hear if hair ripping and getting caught. Have a look around.. i bet your poor ends are all over the floor! Always use a wider toothed brush or comb when your hairs wet. Hair is stretchy when in this state, making it more fragile. Buy a tangle teezer for really unruly tangly hair.

-Dont use products with excessive alcohol/parabens : Why? itll strip colour of faster then anything. All colour saving shampoos and conditioner are usually just gentler based products. or they have a coating susbstance to seal the colour in. When having a perm/colour the worst thing you could do is use for example : a setting lotion/anti dandruff shampoos… the amount of alcohol or stripping chemicals in them is enough to actually perm hair! there that stong! so they can easily strip out colour or straighten a perm.

-Dont wash your hair everyday.  Its true what they say, washing everyday does strip the natural oils that are needed to make hair healthy and to make it grow. The more you wash your hair and the hotter the water the quicker itll get greasy. Luke warm/warm is best. A cold shot does close the cuticle and make it shinier..but dont go to extreme! brrr!

Hair is more fragile then you think! Take care of it!
thanks for reading! :)

-Do invest in a good hair cut. It really does make a different to have a good hairdresser. If your trying to grow your hair keep it simple. Its hard to be natural, but that really is the way to get healthy longer hair.

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