Video: How i use my Babyliss BIG hair :]


Heres a Video showing how to use the epic Babyliss hair tool :]
Id say this was my best hair buy for a long time. Ive completely ditched my straightners, heck! i dont even know where they are!

I find using this so much easier then blowdrying with a brush and then straightening after.. in which on myself,  takes about 45mins compared to ‘big hair’ that takes me completely 20 minutes… (10 if in a rush) Any one that knows me KNOWS how much i hate doing my own hair. Seriously, it drives me mad!! But this makes it a million times easier.


  • Always use some kind of leave in conditioner. If over dryed the effect can be quite fluffy. So you need moisture to keep it from being flyaway
  • NEVER try to use this tool with hair thats soaking wet. It should be about 70% air/towel dry, unless you want a big tangly mess on your head :]
  • Make it easy for yourself and work in sections. helps.
  • Make sure each section is throughly dry before moving on. Slightly dampish hair will frizz unless sealed and fully finished with the tool
  • Use serum after.
  • Dont panick if your rotate it the wrong way! just stop and press the other button to untangle it for you! 
  • Dont pick up too much hair. It will snag. ouch! My sections were fine

    Thanks for reading!

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