Mascara Overview: Seventeen Doll’d up.

Aup loves!

I’m bringing an overview today of the performance of the mascara from Seventeen called: ‘Doll’d up’
It boasts 24 hour curl, I have o idea why someone would want to wear any. Kind of make up for that long! But hey Ho!

I’ve had this mascara for about 6 weeks. I got it from boots at an introductory price of £4.99 though I believe it’s now £6.29.


I was attracted to the delightful dolled up name, sounded like something I’d like. My eyelashes are a bit lacklustre, so I thought it might pep them up a bit!

At first application I hated it.  The formula was too wet for its curling performance! Applied messily, even with care. Took ages to dry too! Bleh.
I am a bit partial to drier formulas though.  So could just be me!

Fast forward 4 weeks on, and plenty of opening and airing it out. The formula is now how I like it. I clearly need gloopiness! Haha! Or rather thicker mascara to add volume as well as curl.

The wand (pictured below) Is plastic and spiky, perfect for combing through lashes to declump, the curve of the wand annoys me though. It not quite the right shape for me.  Might work for others with more rounded shaped eyeballs!


For this application I haven’t done anything to my own lashes. No curlers no Primer, no nothing.
This is with 2 light coats.


As you can see there enough curl to really perk them up. Awake looking eyes.

Next I wanted to see how it looked at maximum application.  Uh oh!
This is with maybe… 5 coats?


It’s not too bad really! Could be a lot worse! I did notice it feeling really flakey, while the comb was trying to get through it! I’ll update this post at the end of the day to see the ongoing performance of this mascara.

Overall I like it.  Its quite a natural looking finish when you first buy it.  But the formula does thicken up overtime, so bare that in mind!  I. Like the way it applied, even though the curled lash does touch the upper lid. Just make sure you clean up afterwards.


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