Beauty Buys! – Boots – Bourjois – Seventeen – Fake Bake

Aup loves!

I popped into Boots after work this evening to take a look at any special offers.
First I saw was all the lipsticks at the  Bourjois stand. I. Want. Them. All. Not even kidding. I saw a range I hadn’t see  before the Shine Editionlipsticks?
I got the shade 20 which is a beautiful orange coral.

Shade 20 £7.99


I wasn’t expecting such a strong colour pay off, but was blown away with the creaminess of the texture! This is two swipes, and you can see it’s pretty strong. Definitely buildable. I think this is going to be my go to holiday lippy!

Next I added to my rouge edition lipsticks, I got the shade 11. Its a usual colour for me, it’s more of a pastel pink undertoned coral. I really like it. I was going to get shade 3 which is true coral, but I do have some that are similar to that.  I try to buy lipsticks that are different to each other, like different finishes or undertones!

Shade 11 £7.99


Its a more satin finish, and a lot deeper in base. Slightly new for me!

As Bourjois was on 3 for 2 I got the ultra black volume clubbing mascara. I remember having this year’s ago and loving. So we shall see..  I hate new mascaras, I prefer them when they’ve dried out a bit. Anyone else like that?

Ultra black £7.99 (though I got it free with the offer)


Bourjois also had a free gift with there 3 for 2! I didn’t realise at all,  until the lady at the till said I was eligible for free sunglasses… I was like ‘.. Erm okay?’
She hurried off to get some from stock, I worried about what kind of tat she was going to bring out to me! Ha!


They are not my style at all, but they were quite well made, and fit really well!  There more wrap around glasses? Really block out the sun. My mum was impressed so much I let her have them! They also came in a really adorable glasses case.

Next I got a Seventeen lip crayon in…. Oh it doesn’t have a Colour on it! Thats weird. Anyway its the berry coloured one. Its lovely! I really wish it had a scent though :( just me that likes nice smelling pout? Haha!

Shade berry? £4.99


The first swatch is one swipe. Sheer, but it’s very buildable! Feels very nourishing, and easy to apply!

Last up is something I spotted in clearance, I’ve been getting into fake tan! As I’m planning on going on holiday in 5 weeks time. I’ve researched that using oil based scrubs and moisturisers will put a barrier between the skin and the tan, making the colour alter, learning this I found an oil free spray moisturiser from fake bake. Its was only £3.75! Thought I’ve give it a go!



(naughty sprayed it on the table!)
It actually feels lovely! There isn’t much of a scent, more just fresh smelling?  It contains aloe Vera. So pretty much smells of that! Ha!

Thats all I got today :) 

Hope you enjoyed!



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