Weigh in: week 3

Aup Loves,
My blogs been down all day, so I’m only just getting the chance to update you on this week’s weigh in.

I’ve Lost a Pound.
This morning I was really bitter about it. Kinda glad I couldn’t blog! Haha! But now I realise a loss is a loss.
Last week was a (tmi!) * week. I was really down about it all.  Angry at myself. I missed a few meals stupidly.
And I know its so damaging to your body and your metabolism to do that!  I think I was the sole reason I had to have my gallbladder removed! But anyway!  Onwards and upwards.
I’ve had some positive diet related chats today and it’s put me in a really good mood. I’m in a much better mental place and feel ready to lose!

Alltogether I’ve lost 2st 12lbs. Since January.
Im happy with that total. I want to Lose it slow and for it to stay off!

I’ve set myself a realistic target for ‘eventually’ I don’t care when I get there. But I’m going too. Could be by the beginning to 2014 or be a few years from now. It will happen. :)

Thanks and for reading :)  hope you’ll keep tuning in on my journey.


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