New hair! Neon pink! Oops!

Aup loves!

First off, check out my new video, featuring the new hue!

I did something a bit crazy at the weekend.  

I went from this…
Sandy peachy blonde






Insane neon pink!

Even though I love it, my timing is terrible. I’m going away in 2weeks time to mexico!  So many factors will ruin the new hue, I’m actually thinking of gently removing the color before I go! 
I really really don’t want faded, sun bleached, chlorine patchy pink hair for my hollybobs! 

I should of known to never make crazy hair Descisons before I go away… I’ve done it before with a fringe! I should of learned! I was having such a naff hair week, my need for bright colour took over! Ha!

Here’s what I used for the pink.  Its super strong, I actually toned it down with conditioner… A whole bottle!


Good stuff. It didn’t run much when I rinsed it out. I was quite surprised!
The 2nd wash it ran more, I think the natural oils get all the residue colour off. Pink water!!

I’ll update on how it fades during the week.  Or weather I strip it out with vitamin C. 

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  1. sarah says:

    oh my I love this color it really suits u :) love reading your posts :)


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