Sisters birthday hair! White blonde and pastel pink!

Aup loves!

My sister turned 17 this week, so I decided to be nice and colour her hair for her :)
I’m constantly trying to get her to try something new! As she has the perfect base to do Loads of crazy colours. Maybe she’ll get braver ;)

She desperately needed her roots doing. I then decided… She needed another colour in her hair too! I eventually convinced her to have a few panels of light pastel pink. :)

I used bleach and 12% peroxide on the roots, and any yellow tinges she had (I got the bleach and peroxide from a generic hairdressing supply online store. Just make sure you get blue toned bleach! Neutralises yellow)
She has very dark hair naturally, so it takes about 25 mins to develop.


Do a cross section on the scalp (forehead to nape – ear to ear) and paint bleach on the roots ONLY.



I left it on for 25mins. But checked every 10 then 5.

She washed gently, shampooed and conditioned. We didn’t have any toner to get rid of any warm tones, so sadly we had to leave that till next time!
I got her to then dry her hair so I could apply the pink!

I used a 20p sized amount of special effects cupcake pink with white conditioner (need to be white or it won’t work)
I then took two 1cm thick panels on each side of her head, making sure it’s High enough to poke through the layers.


(it is warmer towards the top, but. Like I said had no toner! Purple shampoo will fix it!)

We left this on 20mins. Then just rinsed these sections in the kitchen sink… Classy!




The result is quite subtle but ever so cute! Tried to convince her to go all over pastel pink… She wasn’t having it! Ha!
Next time ;)  ha!

Thanks for reading!
I love doing Lil hair makeovers! Will defo do more in the future.
I’m in the process of colouring mine, so expect a hair change post soon!



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  1. Lorraine Hakes says:

    I love this – it’s a great colour :) Wish I lived closer so you could experiment with mine! :D x

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