New Hair….AGAIN! Blonde to Ombre! – Picture Heavy!

Aup Loves!

I’ve been toying with the idea of changing up my colour for a while…

Even before the pink. (I only kept it 4 days! had to go back blonde!) I’ve had a lighter hue, either it be platinum or caramel locks for coming  up to a year.

I’m used to changing my hair every month when I worked full time in a salon, but lately I’ve been terrified to change!

This afternoon I just decided to do it. Usually my rushed ideas are a bit mental… (pink…) but I brought the hair dye about 3 weeks ago, so it had been running through my head a little!


These are the colours I pick up boots. L’oreal Paris Feria 4.5 French roast and L’oreal Paris Preference in 7.3 Florida.

This is how my colour started out at. Sorry for the lack of make up :) the chemicals sting my eyes!

ombrehair12 ombrehair13

Look at them roots!!!!! hate maintenance!


ombrehair8 ombrehair9 ombrehair10


I mixed up the caramel shade first, and applied it 3/4 down the length of my hair. I ran out half way through! but luckily I had a spare luckily the same colour in my stash! woohoo!

NEWERHAIR 2885I let it develop for 15 mins! Here’s the result!



Caramel…hmm. Not a fan at all! luckily its not finished. Immediately started applying the dark French roast colour 1/3 of the way down my hair, and no more! I wanted a really soft gradient. Going from Dark-mid caramel-to light blonde. I left this colour on for 30 minutes.

….Wanna see the result?



Okay then! (Proper DSLR Photos Canon 600D)


ombrehair1 ombrehair2 ombrehair3 ombrehair4 ombrehair5 ombrehair6


What do you think?
I freaking love it. I missed being darker so much! Ombre is here to stay!
It was’nt a scary transistion, as a good proportion is still blonde.  I can really draw my eyebrows on now! haha!


Hope your enjoy these hair change updates. There my favourite to post about. I wish my family was more adventurous with there hair! I could do makeovers! haha! wishful thinking!

Thanks for reading!





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  1. Mel says:

    LOVE IT! woman that’s the best colour yet on you xx

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