Transforming Boyfriend into a Skull!

Aup Loves!

Happy Halloween!!!
Hope you have a spooky one ;)

Here’s another video for you. I stole my boyfriend Dave and made him into a Skull Face. Poor man sat there for nearly 2hours! Haha!

All you need is black and white face paint :)  I used Snazeroo!
I also used black eyeshadow to set and mixtones grey brown to Contour and shade!


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I’m nearly at 100! Thats like triple the people then I know irl! haha

Would you like to see more crazy looks like this? Even after Halloween? I love doing them! 

I’d like to do less everyday make up and more out there, and a bit mental. Let’s be honest it’s more interesting then a plain Smokey eye!

Want a clubbing makeup series? :)

Let me know!


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