Vintage Romance palette by Sleek.


Just sharing a new found love!
I was strolling superdrug the other day and spotting this at the (delightfully messy…) Sleek stand. Now I have a love hate relationship with some of the palettes, I have Most of them, except the eye watering bright neon ones,  I tend like only 2 or three colours out of the whole thing! Argh!

Anyway, my eyes went straight to this Lovely beautifully packaged palette! (vintage romance £7.99)


I adore anything oldie worldie looking! And at this point I didn’t frankly care what was in it! I needed it.  I was expecting champagne and gold colours, but got Alot more then I bargained for!


Look at those colours!!!! If you have green eyes like me, you need this palette in my opinion. I’ve been loving wine/berry/burgandy/purply tones this autumn, these hues will really set off even the darkest green eyes.

Here’s a 3minute eye look I did using 3 shades.



Sorry for its messiness, I used fingers and the sponge applicator! (I was at work Oops!)
As usual Sleek eyeshadows are very pigmented and the inner corner highlight is amazing over purple shadow.

There’s a mix of shimmer and Matte with glitter particles. There’s only one completely matte shade, which I’m fine with, as sometimes there a bit chalky!

The names of the colours are amusing too. Love in London, propose in Prague, pretty in Paris, just to name a few haha!



I really do adore this. I’ll try and post a few more eye looks in the next few days. They’ll be short and sweet… And I’ll take brushes to work to apply them properly ;)  Oops!

Thanks for reading!


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