My review of the Instyler!

Hi everyone!

Long time no see yet again! Its really not an excuse but I wish I had more time to update this blog. Its something I really REALLY enjoy! I’m currently working 6 days a week, so I’m finding it hard to balance my time between hobbies and ..well sleep! Its so tiring only having one day off!
IMG_0058ANYWAY! Moving on. I recently watched a video by DulceCandy87, In which she used a miraculous hair tool i’d never seen before!

I sat there mesmerized at the different abilities this ONE tool had. Straighten, curl, waves, bouncy, flipped out, curled under, Volume! It seemed too good to be true. So in true blogger/beauty addict fashion I had to scour the internet and read reviews.
They where very mixed. Some saying ‘YES! its the only tool I use now! its amazing..blahblahetcetc’  to ‘zomg, its crap IT gave me zillion percent burns wahwah’

Now in my opinion, If your burning yourself, your not using the tool correctly! or being careless as to how you handle it. I never saw one review stating that the tool operated rubbish or the results were not to be desired. SO I bit the bullet and brought it. I got mine from amazon, the official Instyler stockists for £65! The same one on is £79.99.

After receiving it, I went through all the instructions, figured id seen so many tutorials to not watch the DVD that comes with it (does anyone watch instructional DVDS?!)
I waited until I had time to sit and record my first use of the tool.




First things first. I LOVE the results!!!! This is my kind of hair. Soft voluminous and very polished. The amount of times I’ve tried to replicate this type of look with tongs/Straighteners/wands/rollers and epic-ly failed…But this one tool does it all.

This time I just did bouncy away-from-the-face curls. Softer ones similar to using hair straighteners. There is another method of curls using this appliance, where you wind the hair round the barrel, then shut it while it spins, giving a much more ringlet kind of curl.

I have -mini- tried straightening with it too after I filmed, BUT if you want this tool solely for poker sleek super smooth hair , just stick with your flat iron. Although this smooths hair brilliantly while leaving it still voluminous, which i must prefer anyway! Apparently you can use this for wet to dry straightening….. which terrifies me! opting out of that one I’m afraid! (makes me think of ironing wet clothes! singe!)

I also -mini- tried giving volume to the hair. Particularly at the crown, to me this is the trickiest art to master, you need to take in consideration the direction of the spinning barrel, over direct and use it kind of like a roller at the roots, letting it spin on the hair for 15 seconds, before moving down the hair and either flipping out or curling under! I’ll practice and then record a GRWM using it!

Now this Tool doesn’t come without its faults. If I hadn’t watched tutorials I would of found it very difficult as to which way you had to turn the appliance. Its a little bit frustrating! As the rotating tong section is silver so you cant see which way its turning, luckily unlike the Babyliss Big hair, if you do it the wrong way it DOESN’T tangle at all. Its very smooth. It doesn’t stop but it just won’t grip the hair like the BBH (which ripped my hair out fyi! ouch!)

If you watched the video you’ll see that I hesitated nearly every time I went to use the Instyler. To me this is something you will learn over a period of time using the tool. I tried to remember that the barrel needed to be at the back and THEN turned. I’m rubbish at left and right so I struggled but eventually got it.

Also, if your a hairdresser you might understand this section more. But when your tonging someones else hair, usually you’d hold the appliance with the largest part in your palm like my thumbnail for this blogpost. Then use whichever finger to move the clamp up and down. This tool is opposite! So confusing! You hold the brush part while doing curls like i did!

In my opinion if your a first time hair appliance user this wont be for you at all, it takes some skill learning how to hold it. If you struggle to wind your own hair, or curl it whether it be with a wand or iron you’ll find this difficult too. I’m a hairdresser (although currently not working in a salon) and I found it simple and easy with practice. Just bare in mind the barrel is VERY hot. But alas I didn’t burn myself or have any near misses. Just always hold the bottom end of the tool! Simple!

I’m currently on Day 3 hair after making this video, the curls last amazingly well! Of course they soften but i love it! I have to wear a hat for work, but once I took out the bobble and let my mane loose it looked great! and today I had my hair in a simple pony-tail and still got a compliment on how it curled and waved!

Overall verdit: I LOVE IT. :) gives me my ideal hair!

Hope you enjoyed my review!



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