Weigh in: week 5

Aup loves! I’m feeling very positive today.¬† Even though my diet hasn’t been on point this week, (I had a Takeaway!) and with the weather being so hot, I haven’t exercised! I wasn’t expecting¬† much! In fact I was expecting a gain…. But nope, I’ve maintained!¬† :D I’m happy with that to be honest :D. […]

Weigh in: Week 4


Aup Loves. I’ve decided to stop doing the daily diet entries. As frankly there a bit boring xD! If anyone wants to know what I eat to lose weight, they’ll have a 24 day food diary to look at! Haha! I might still do random diet diaries, if I eat something particularly interesting ;) Anyway! […]

Daily Diet Diaries – Day 23


Breakfast: Scrambled egg and beans No pic. Same as yesterday just no brown sauce. Lunch: Jacket potato with tuna mayo Dinner: Feeling lazy. Cherry wheats! With soya milk. Drinks: 4 bottles of water 1 cup Of tea No snacks. Exercise: 6294 steps 9.2k on the exercise bike.

Daily Diet Diaries – Day 22


Breakfast: Scrambled egg and baked beans. Smidgen of brown sauce. Lunch: Small Wholemeal roll with tuna mayo and red onion. Dinner: Tomato pasta. Drinks: 4bottles of water 1 cup of tea soya milk. 1 pepsi max Snacks: Walkers light simply salted.

Daily Diet Diaries – Day 21


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with soya milk Lunch: Chinese chicken salad. Dinner: Homemade extra lean mince burgers. On wholemeal rolls. Snacks: 1 banana 1 weight watchers chocolate biscuit Drinks: 5 bottles of water Tea soya milk 1 can of Pepsi max Exercise: 5486 steps

Daily Diet Diaries – Day 20


Breakfast: Cherry wheats with soya milk. Lunch: Scrambled egg and a wholemeal pitta. Dinner: Gammon and eggs, fry light mushrooms. Snacks: Walkers light simply salted crisps Blueberries in fat free vanilla yoghurt. Small sprinkle of sweetner. Drinks: Homemade strawberry apple and banana smoothie 2 pint of cherry cordial 1glass of water 1can of Pepsi max […]

Weigh in: week 3


Aup Loves, My blogs been down all day, so I’m only just getting the chance to update you on this week’s weigh in. I’ve Lost a Pound. This morning I was really bitter about it. Kinda glad I couldn’t blog! Haha! But now I realise a loss is a loss. Last week was a (tmi!) […]

Daily Diet Diaries – Day 19


Breakfast Cherry wheats with soya light milk. Lunch: Solero and walkers light simply salted crisps Dinner: Low fat burritos Snacks: Nakd banana bread bar Drinks: 1 can of diet cherry coke 2 bottles of water 1 rekadorlig cider

Daily Diet Diaries – Day 18


Breakfast: All bran with yoghurt flakes (no pic was too hungry! Ha) Lunch: None. Too busy! Dinner: Quorn hog dog. Wholemeal roll. Tesco lightest chips. Tomato ketchup. Dessert: Solero Drinks: 1 pint of cherry cordial 1 cherry diet coke 2 pints of water

Daily Diet Diaries – Day 17


Breakfast: Bran flakes with light soya milk Lunch: Chinese chicken salad pitta bread. Dinner: Chicken and roasted Mediterranean vegetables. Tablespoon on light mayo. Snacks: Strawberries in fat free yogurt. Drinks: 5 bottles of water 1 tea soya milk 1 sweetener 1 can of diet cherry coke Exercise: 5873 steps Rest day.