New Hair….AGAIN! Blonde to Ombre! – Picture Heavy!


Aup Loves! I’ve been toying with the idea of changing up my colour for a while… Even before the pink. (I only kept it 4 days! had to go back blonde!) I’ve had a lighter hue, either it be platinum or caramel locks for coming  up to a year. I’m used to changing my hair […]

New hair! Neon pink! Oops!


Aup loves! First off, check out my new video, featuring the new hue! I did something a bit crazy at the weekend.   I went from this… Sandy peachy blonde To… Insane neon pink! Even though I love it, my timing is terrible. I’m going away in 2weeks time to mexico!  So many factors will […]

Pastel lilac hair!


Aup loves! For ages I’ve wanted to change my hair up a bit. I knew I wanted to keep it light, and with me colouring my own hair I knew it had to be easy to do. I’ve always wanted to be really blonde. Only because it’s the one colour I’ve never been! I’ve had […]

Sisters birthday hair! White blonde and pastel pink!


Aup loves! My sister turned 17 this week, so I decided to be nice and colour her hair for her :) I’m constantly trying to get her to try something new! As she has the perfect base to do Loads of crazy colours. Maybe she’ll get braver ;) She desperately needed her roots doing. I […]

New hair! Ginger ombré!

Aup! On twitter earlier I had the weirdest urge to ombré my extensions… So I tweeted I might! I’m so so soooo glad I did! Indola blue powder bleach and 12%peroxide. Whack a bit on the ends, left it for 20mins in foil… Then I crept the bleach up feathering it so it didn’t leave […]

Video: How i use my Babyliss BIG hair :]

Aup! Heres a Video showing how to use the epic Babyliss hair tool :]Id say this was my best hair buy for a long time. Ive completely ditched my straightners, heck! i dont even know where they are! I find using this so much easier then blowdrying with a brush and then straightening after.. in […]

Hair do’s n don’t’s & tips!

Aup!I get questions daily about hair do’s and dont’s.Wether it be about the condition of hair, prolonging colour/perms, how to grow your hair faster, protecting it againt heat/sun damage/breakage, the list is endless seriously. Heres my tips and tricks to healthy (behaved) hair!-DO NOT keep straightening already straightened hair. Think of it like this. The hairs […]

Home Hair colouring!

Im embarking a new hair change. Yet again! everyone knows i love red hair. Ive been Cooper, maroon, plum, rihanna obnoxious postbox red, attempted carrot ginger, only to fail because the ends didnt take too well. Roots were lovely, ends were not as warm and gingery :(At the moment my hairs a faded deep naturalish brown […]

Planning Big Hair Change. Help me decide?

Aup Loves! I think its FINALLY time i changed my hair.Im bored with it now.I seem to have dyed it less since i went for the CHOP at christmas.I miss having vibrant hair! Its currently as follows…..(in dire need of rootage fixage and styling…) dingy right? im ashamed! Definately not hairdresser hair thats for sure. […]

HOW TO: Cut in a sweeping fringe!

Aup loves! After seeing a few tweets today saying along the lines of…OmgGgGggG!?!???DFJFKH## ‘hairdressers cut my fringe WRONG’I decided i couldnt stand seeing someone go home, tweet and not be able to fix it on your own like i could.Obviously Im a hairdresser, so to me..a dodgy fringe isnt a deliema. I just get me scissors […]